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About the Practitioner

Jasmine Gouveia is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, AiM practitioner, Neurokinetic Therapist, and Energy Worker that wants to help people be happy in their bodies.

Jasmine is a graduate of Yoga Loka in Reno, Nevada. She also graduated from the renowned Ralston Massage School in 2006, she became certified in Neurokinetic Therapy Level 3 and most recently she is a student and practitioner of AiM (Anatomy in Motion). 

Studying with Kim Ornstein at Yoga Loka and Angela Sullivan at Sun Mountain Yoga Jasmine learned that yoga is about the individual and how they feel in their practice not about how they look on the outside! This reinforced her beliefs that each person has there own physical needs and abilities something that was taught at Ralston Massage School.

More recently the individual needs of each body has been solidified with Jasmine's work with Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan, the amazing creator and teachers of AiM. AiM helps Jasmine help you find the root of your pain and eliminate or relieve it in most cases. For more information about AiM please call 775-790-0023


With all the knowledge Jasmine has acquired over the years she has been able to help many people achieve the health and happiness goals they desire.

I love to help others find there happiness within the bodies they are residing in.

I am a mother of a wonderful child that keeps me active and so I find ways to stay young and able to keep up. My husband is my most avid supporter and thinks that I can CHANGE THE WORLD! We also have a manageree of animals that occupy much of our time. When I am not teaching, keeping up with my child or helping people find their meaning of health and happiness I am in the garden.


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